04 May

Bruce Marnoch

“I was born in Scarborough and moved to Montreal when I was four years old. My dad was in the bicycle business and growing up I rode everything from road, BMX and mountain bikes. I even worked in his bicycle store selling and repairing bikes. Somehow, I never made the jump to motorcycles at that age. I always knew I wanted to take it up, but just never got around to it which I’m sure many will agree how easy that can be at a young age. I started my career at Honda Finance in ’98 and my colleagues started to plant the ‘Joy of Riding’ seeds.  Finally, my good friend Derek put the proverbial screws to me and I signed up for training. I went to the M/C show that year and decided my bike was the VFR800. I had the picture on my desktop and it seemed like the months dragged between the show and the training. I never thought at 35 years old I could feel the exact same excitement that I did as a kid on Christmas Eve. But in the days leading up to my training, I felt just that. I’m certain that my years of riding bicycles played a large role in the ease in which I picked up M/C riding.That summer I rode with a great crew, including one rider that would become my wife (Nat and I recently tied the knot!). ARC was formed over the next year and I’ve been a proud member ever since. I am serving my second official term as Treasurer (I work at HFS – surprised?). I love riding and the adventure that comes with it. And when I drop a wave to fellow riders on the road, I know for certain the feeling is mutual.”

(Bruce is one of the original ARC founders. We are fortunate to have him on our team!)