09 May

Meguiar’s seminar – post impressions

Now THAT, was fun!

Thanks to all the participants for coming out and making this seminar great.

And on behalf of ARC, THANK YOU Claude Sevigny and Jeffrey Blacker for sharing your experience and wisdom with us!

Claude from Meguiar’s Canada put on a presentation that had us from the edge of our seats to buckled over in laughter! His humour combined with his experience and passion for detailing made for a most entertaining and educational class.

After going through the prerequisite product explanation and display we attacked our ‘victim’: A 2013 Acura ILX (the security car). We taped sections of the car to demo the product and tools. Members even got to get involved, confirming that they’d understood what this is all about. The finished product was undeniably ‘repaired’ proving that even a new car can benefit from the power of Meguiar’s AND it can be done by anybody that cares about paint.

It was a long day, but well worth it. Our friend Claude also had fun and has promised to visit us again. You can be sure ARC has his number on speed dial – we will have this demo again in the future.

In the meantime… should you get stuck, Jeff from Royalty Auto Spa has offered to be our local go to guy. If you have questions, need product, or just want someone else to make your ride look new again, contact Jeff.

Myself: I really enjoyed this seminar, and those that attended will attest that my passion for detailing is evident. If you need advice, just ask and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Kim “I’m gonna shine” Wong won our last minute draw for the awesome Meguiar’s wash gift package. Claude’s generosity knows no ends and he also gave us a ‘DA PowerSystem‘. I’ve added all the member names to a hat and drew a 2nd winner –

Gaurav Nischal is the WINNER of the polisher! Congratulations!!

Thanks again to all for your continued support in ARC!

(Photos slideshow is available in our gallery)


  • Phil

    Great seminar, awesome guy, fantastic passion, and funny to boot! Maybe we could get them to be a sponsor for ARC? About apparel, a jacket with our sponsors, like a pit shirt or team jacket would aweseome and great for our sponsors?

  • Matthew Richard

    I really wish I could have attended this one…hopefully there will be another before the season is done!!!

  • Jason Wong

    So passionate and very informative!

  • Terry Pope

    WOW! These guys love what they do – so cool. Great hands on seminar. Keep up the excellent work Ivan!

  • Peter Van Blarcom

    I had no idea! That bit with the plastic bag was amazing, and a very graphic example of a painted surface you thought was clean, clearly ain’t! Claude was great…good sense of humor too!
    Another excellent evening…thanks Ivan!

  • Shuaib Sheikh

    Great seminar for sure! Learned a lot and then applied it this weekend. Bought the Meguiar’s Dual Action Polisher machine from Canadian Tire. I washed, then used the clay bar, where I could have probably stopped as the car was so smooth. However, I wanted that shine back. Finally went on to the three stage compound, polish and wax. I am so impressed with what has come out. All thanks to Claude and Jeff for showing the correct way. However, according to Claude I should probably be working at McDonald’s as it did take me a pretty long time from start to finish. LOL 😀 Thanks Ivan!