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The $20 yearly dues can be paid in cash or by cheque
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The warm weather is finally here – so time to start riding and sign up for ARC today!

We already have many returning and new members signed up, and we look forward to more new riders!

honda_splash_logoThere will be more rides offered this year and plans are in the works for other great activities such as an after-work Come Ride With Us exclusive to ARC members, off-road activities, and various track activities to name a few!

New Riders: While ARC itself is not a licensing agency, we work closely with the M/C division here at Honda and support them where possible. We have contacts for you if you’re thinking about an M/C license and we have advice on where and how.

Plans are in progress for our experienced members as well as rides tailored to newer and novice riders! ARC counts on its experienced riders to model good behavior and we want to help you ride better AND safer.

Even if you’re not currently licensed, we have a number of other events planned you can participate in!

Experienced and skilled Riders: This group is always fun. We can take a short tour, half day adventure or full on weekend excursion and you are ready to ride!

We will continue our fun rides to cool destinations and keep looking for the hot spots to head out. We look forward to finding that epic road we all want to ride. We’ll also find you opportunities to practice your skill and work at improving them to the next level.

Sign-up today and enjoy all the benefits of Honda’s Associate Riding Club!

*Note -ARC Membership entitles the user to participate in ARC events
as per the event rules.
No guarantees or promises are implied. The ARC club is primarily a volunteer organization and while our best intentions and efforts are for the members, rides/events can be impacted by conditions beyond the club’s control.