In 2008, a group of enthusiastic individuals conceived the idea of a motorcycle club within Honda Canada. They entered into the process known as the NH Circle where winning ideas come to life and created the “Associate Riders Club“.

Fast forward to present day. ARC has become well known for creative seminars, fun events and superb restoration projects. These are made possible only because of the talented and skilled people that represent the club and through the support of the Honda Canada Motorcycle Division. These groups commit unconditionally to improving the sport of riding as well as ensuring events are safe, fun and organized for Honda Canada Associates.

ARC has committed to imparting skill and knowledge through rider development and product exposure. We are also the gateway for new rider introduction to the open road and group riding events. No other company or club can match the opportunities that Honda and ARC can provide!



The purpose of the ARC is to promote camaraderie and communication among Honda Associates while increasing their knowledge of Honda products. ARC is a great way to meet new friends, develop new skills and participate in club activities. Participation is strictly voluntary and not considered to be part of your work duties.



Respect for thoughts and opinions of all members

Endeavour to arrive on time to events and meetings

Bring enthusiasm and a desire to promote motorcycling within Honda

Make an effort to learn more about Honda Products

As a member of the Riders Club, show respect for other motorcyclists, public and motorcycle safety as well as our environment

Have fun!



Any associates with a valid Honda Canada / Honda Financial Services email address are welcome to join the club. Honda Canada retirees are also welcome.
Membership fees – $20 annual fee
Monies collected through membership fees are used to fund or subsidize group meetings, as well as various rides and events.
Events / Meetings – Events will be posted on the Events Calendar page